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Build A Sim Card Reader

This project details how to build a Smart/SIM card reader/writer for experimentation and investigation of SIM & Smart cards.Once the reader design is built, the open source software can be used to read from and write to the card. Together they can be used to backup/restore stored SIM card data, recover deleted SMS’s and phone contacts, examine the last phone numbers dialed, etc.

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Build A Precision Stereo Headphone Amplifier


For about $30 in parts for the core amplifier and a weekend of soldering, you can enjoy premium audiophile sound through your MP3 player or iPod.

Subscribers can read this article in Nuts & Volts online!

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Science Project – Contest Anyone?

Take a 3rd grader with an idea, a Nuts & Volts article, and a technodad, and what do you get? Check it out here!

If you’ve built any clever/cool electronics projects with your kids, send us a .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or link, and we’ll post them here for others (kids and parents) to be inspired by. If they came from the pages of Nuts & Volts, so much the better.

Here’s a thought. How about a contest? Maybe we could cough up a few items from the Nuts & Volts store as prizes for the best projects? If there’s enough interest, we’ll put together some simple guidelines and make it official.


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New Kit! Convert Your Flashlights To LED.

This is a new kit in the Nuts & Volts store from the article in the February issue. Using just a few components, you can easily transform your traditional bulb flashlight into an energy-saving, super bright LED flashlight. Complete kit available now. Digital Flashlight Conversion Kit

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