Nuts & Volts Columns - Past and Present

Amateur Robotics

Fundamentals For Beginners
Just getting started in electronics? Try these simple demos to illustrate electronics principles and how components function in actual circuits!

Getting Started With PICS
The Latest In Programming PIC Microcontrollers

In The Spotlight

In The Trenches

Laser Insight

Let’s Get Technical

Micro Memories

Near Space
Approaching The Final Frontier

New Products
News releases on the latest and greatest - everything you need to stay on the cutting edge.

News Bytes

Open Channel

Open Communication
The Latest In Networking and Wireless Technologies

Personal Robotics
Understanding, Designing & Constructing Robots and Robotic Systems

Dedicated to “spreading the word” about the ease, power, and versatility of programming and project-building with these unique microcontrollers.

Russ brings his own brand of troubleshooting, circuit design, and all-around electronics know-how to Nuts & Volts. Each month, he personally answers an interesting mix of reader questions on almost any electronics topic from computers to radio to electronic bean counters.

Robotics Resources

Smiley’s Workshop
AVR Microcontroller - C Programming, Hardware, Projects

Stamp Applications
Putting The Spotlight On Basic Stamp Projects, Hints & Tips

Events, Advances & News FromTthe Electronics World

The Design Cycle
Advanced Techniques For Design Engineers

The Spin Zone
Adventures in Propeller Programming

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