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Dave Prochnow

Dave's Articles

It’s Beginning to Look a littleBits Like Christmas
November 2015
Forget the soldering iron! Grab your box of littleBits and put together these five festive projects that will be sure to get you in that holiday spirit.

Desktop Rocket Fireworks
July 2014
Have a blast making this simple circuit with your kids to brighten up your desk all year round.

This is Radio Disaster Calling
February 2014
When natural disasters occur and phone service goes out, it’s ham radio operators who keep communications open.

Instant Replay
September 2005
Add A Digital Recorder To An FM Radio

Me And Mini Me
Column: Personal Robotics
December 2005
Gosh, it’s tough being a mad scientist these days. There are no good secret agents left to torment (Bond, who?), you can buy lasers at virtually any strip mall, and everybody’s far too busy for world domination. So what’s an evildoer to do?