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Larry Cicchinelli

Larry's Articles

Replacing the 555 with a PIC
December 2016
Learn how to emulate a 555 or 556 using a PIC microcontroller — with no special programming required!

Build the Toilet Sentinel
October 2016
Build a Toilet Sentinel circuit that alerts you when the toilet flapper has not sealed properly, allowing water to continue to run.

DIP Meter with Digital Frequency Display
July 2016
Need a DIP meter? This device (with digital display) covers a frequency range of 1 MHz to 56 MHz, and can also be used as a frequency counter.

A2D Signal Processing
February 2008
One of the limitations of many low cost, single supply, analog-to-digital (A/D) converter ICs today is that they have a limited input voltage range. This article discusses various ways to implement input processing to allow these devices to operate in the real world. I use the ADS7870 as an example A/D, but the equations and samples are generic enough so that you can configure the circuits for other devices...

Audio Spectrum Analyzer
August 2008
The device described in this article is a configurable audio spectrum analyzer. Many of you have probably seen spectrum analyzers on some higher-end audio equipment, as well as within the GUI of many audio deck programs on your PCs. The function of a spectrum analyzer is to view the frequency components of a signal. One way to state the difference between an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer is that with an oscilloscope, you see time domain presentations; with a spectrum analyzer...

Stand-Alone DDS Unit
November 2006
Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) is one of the more prevalent methods used to generate a frequency agile signal today...

Analog: Mixed and Matched
October 2007
The device described in this article is both a 4:1 audio mixer and a 1:4 distribution system. Each of the input and output channels has its own volume control...