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Tech Forum

August 2017

Laser Color Choice

I want to convert a 3D printer to a laser burning station to work with wood veneers and leather goods.

Any advice on the best type and color of laser to get? I’ve heard brown wood and leather reflect more red light and so I should use a blue laser.

Kyle Hoyos
Walkerton, IN


What you need to burn and/or cut leather is a CO2 laser. These lasers will cut almost anything that is not metal. For metal you need a YAG laser. There are many, many small used machines on eBay. Look for brands by the names of Epilog, Universal, Trotec. 25 watts is a nice start for burning/engraving and very slow cutting. When we cut we like to use our 400 watt laser.

I might note that engraving/cutting leather makes a real bad smell!

Rick Cordary
Fort Lauderdale, FL