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January 2018

Sharing A Monitor With Two PCs

I have two desktop computers and three 32" HP Pavillion 32Q monitors being used by two people at the same time. One of the monitors is assigned to each computer and depending on the applications being used, the third one goes to whomever benefits most by having two screens. I have to physically disconnect and reconnect the third screen when it needs to be moved to the other PC.

How can I do this without having to crawl uder the table to make the switch? I've looked at KVM switches, but I only need to share the third monitor, not the keyboard, mouse, etc. The monitors use the display port input and run at 2560 x 1440. I would just add another monitor to run two with each PC, but there isn't enough room in the work area.

Vicente Benedetti
Athens, TX


I have used a D-Link KVM to switch only the monitor. There is button on the front for switching. If you use the KVM to switch everything, you can use a keyboard hotkey for switching.

Bob Kottas
Omaha, NE

You can get displayport switch boxes that will do what you need, or you can simply use a standard KVM and only connect the video signals. The KVM doesn't care whether the keyboard and mouse signals are present.

James Sweet
via email

See a displayport switch at:

Also, search displayport switch at There are several listed.

Stan S
West Hills, CA