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Tech Forum

September 2017

What’s In A Board?

There are plenty of high quality, double-sided printed prototyping boards readily available on eBay. They are perfect if used as they are, unless — as it often happens — the need arises to trim, grind, or otherwise shape them.

Here is my problem: I am deeply concerned that these boards are made with asbestos. I know that for any grinding job a facial mask is a must, but if the dust created in the process could contain asbestos particles, much stronger protection measures would be warranted. Or, perhaps such operations should be entirely avoided.

I imagine that many electronics enthusiasts cut or even grind these items, completely unaware of the danger they may pose. I tried to gather information from the Web about these products, with little success.

I would like to know — preferably from an authoritative source — what materials are used in production of these (mostly Chinese in origin) prototyping boards.

Jan Raj
Philadelphia, PA