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Getting the Most from Tech Support
February 2015
With technology being such an integral part of our lives these days, sooner or later you’re probably going to have to call for help with something. Here are some suggestions on how to get the most from your experience from one of the guys who answers those phones.

Tools of the Trade
November 2014
Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist (or both!), having the right equipment to accomplish what you’re doing makes all the difference in the world. Here’s a look at some of the “must-have” tools for a workbench.

Prop Dropper 2
October 2014
Check out this upgrade to a favorite project that will give you twice the scare power for Halloween.

BASIC Stamp Module Tester
June 2014
This easy-to-build-and-use tester will help you quickly troubleshoot problems like bad I/O pins, issues with RAM, and other headaches you might be having with the Stamps you’re using in projects.

Mixed Voltage Systems — Interfacing 5V and 3.3V Devices
April 2011
Get a clear understanding of the various options for interfacing signals at different voltages.

Versatile Digital Alarm Clock
February 2010
Who says you can't control time? This project gives you lots of features and styles to choose from so you can customize your timepiece to your heart's content.

Garage Parking Assistant
January 2010
Say goodbye to your teenis ball on a string! Now you can park your car in the garage easily and electronically with this cool device!