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June 2015

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The Crystal Palace - An experiment in serial Bluetooth control.



Arduino Based Data Acquisition

If you enjoy data and acquiring and measuring it easily, then you’re going to love this method that utilizes Microsoft Excel and PLX-DAQ from Parallax with a low cost Arduino.

Fix Up that Old Radio! — Part 2

In this final part, we'll go through the rest of the repair process, a first power-up, and aligning the radio’s tuning dial on our 1937 DeWald classic.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 4

All we want to do is talk to our microcontroller. So, let’s do it the old fashioned way: using serial communication.


Fireworks Earrings

Bling Up Your 4th Of July With A Set Of Custom SMT Earrings

Build an Electronic Lock

Here’s a simple and inexpensive electronic key system you can incorporate into various projects that can be built with or without a microcontroller.

Build a Wireless Freezer Alarm

With the cost of food constantly rising, you don’t want to risk losing anything to an undetected malfunction. Keep this alarm handy to alert you if your freezer goes on the fritz.

Using Serial Bluetooth With a Microcontroller

Stream serial data via Bluetooth as an alternative to RS-232 cables and build a Crystal Palace in the process.


by Jeff Eckert
Events, Advances, and News (06.2015)
Read about gearing up for millimeter-wave communications, an IoT starter kit in the offing, wising up your vehicle, looking young again, plus some other stuff.

by Tim Brown
Reader Questions Answered Here (06.2015)
Get help with finding components and using ice melt tape controls.

The Spin Zone
by Jon McPhalen
Tag ’Em, Danno!
Passive RFID tags are very popular devices for access control, and now they’re affordable.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
CubeSats — Part 4
Programs to Launch CubeSats. Discover some of the ways these mini satellites are reaching space, and are making personal space exploration a reality.

Practical 3D Printing
by Chuck Hellebuyck
Tool Stand for Low Cost Rotary Tool
Need more room on your workbench? Then, create custom holders for your tools and their accessories.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
Adding a microSD Card Demystified
You don’t have to be a certified rocket scientist to add microSD capability to your 32-bit PIC microcontroller project. This edition of Design Cycle will demystify the process of adding a microSD card to your design. To make adding that microSD worthwhile, we will also implement a PIC32MX microSD bootloader.