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1V-Boost Driver for Power LEDs

You need only a few components to realize applications like flash lights, blinking lights or LCD backlighting in a cost-efficient way with small board sizes.

Low Voltage Boost Driver PR4404 for 0.5W / 1W Power LEDs

The PR4404 is a step-up converter for white LEDs, operating with single battery cell supply (1.2/1.5V) at up to 150mA LED current or dual cell supply 2.4/3.0V) at up to 300mA LED current.
A minimum part count allows compact and cost-efficient solutions.
The converter can be switched on and off with a logic signal, which is useful e.g. for PWM control, timer circuits etc.

• minimum startup voltage 1.0V
• supply by one or two battery cells
• low number of external components
• battery deep discharge protection

• LED torches
• LCD panel backlighting
• home lighting
• toys

Typical Application Circuit

Full Data Sheet