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7th Digilent Design Contest

The presentations and judging will take place on September 14th, with the winners to be announced on September 15th.  Attendees of FGPA World Conference are invited to attend the contest.  Honorary judging positions are available.  Please contact Digilent if you are interested in participating as a judge for the contest.\

Challenge: To develop innovative projects using Digilent products.

These can be:

  • Digital design projects featuring Digilent’s FPGA boards, developed in environments such as Xilinx ISE WebPack or ISE Foundation, National Instruments LabView, etc.
  • Microcontroller projects featuring Digilent’s PIC-based embedded control boards, developed in environments such as Microchip MPLAB.

This contest is open to all university students. Projects can be entered by individuals or students working in pairs. To register you will need to submit the registration document along with a general specification document for your proposed project. You will need to submit your project proposal to the region nearest you.

Digilent will be awarding generous prizes. Also, as a courtesy from Digilent, all participants who present their projects in the final contest will get to keep the Digilent hardware they used for their work, even if they do not receive a prize

You can find information about the Digilent Design contest here: http://www.digilentinc.com/events/ddc2011/.