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8 Bit PIC® SchmartModule Work Shop

By Bryan Lai, Schmartboard

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Basic Step Motor Operation Single Stepping (Single-Coil Excitation): This is the simplest stepping mode. In this mode, each successive coil is energized and the motor moves one full step at a time. Therefore, a motor with a step angle of 7.5 degrees will rotate through 7.5 degrees with each step. Here's how single stepping works:

Pulse	Coil 1	Coil 2	Coil 3	Coil 4
1	1	0	0	0
2	0	1	0	0
3	0	0	1	0
4	0	0	0	1

Schematic and Wiring Information Solder the SMD chips, other through-hole chips, components and headers. EZ SchmartBoard Technology will make it easy to solder the SMD chips. Then refer to the schematic and use jumpers to wire the circuit together. After programming the PIC, just plug in the 6~15V DC power and the motor will start to rotate.


Sample Code Demo code is written in Basic language for PICBASIC PRO™ Compilers Demo version. Demo will rotate the motor clockwise and counterclockwise. Between two rotations, the motor will stop around 5 seconds to ease loading from the regulator. For constant rotating, external power is recommended. IDE: Microcode Studio comes with PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler Demo Version (FREE) Compiler: PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler Demo Version (FREE) Link: [url=http://www.melabs.com/pbpdemo.htm]http://www.melabs.com/pbpdemo.htm[/url]

Tips and Considerations • This demo shows one stepping method, you can use other methods later on for this hardware setup. For any questions, feel free to contact Bryan Lai at [email protected]

Components and SchmartBoards 8 Bit PIC® SchmartModule (710-0004-01), Pre-trace Through-hole SchmartBoard (201-0001-01), Motor driver (L293D), 47-ohm resistor, Step motor (M35SP-7T, Mitsumi) (Qty 2) 5” SchmartBoard Female Jumpers and Headers (920-0006-01) For more info and purchasing, please clink the links below. 8 Bit PIC® SchmartModule Pre-trace Through Hole SchmartBoard SchmartBoard Female Jumpers and Headers Software Code