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A New Hope for Diabetics

Mike Pearce is one of eight finalist in the PIC32 Design Challenge contest with his entry, The Carb Counter+. Measuring the carbohydrates and Blood Glucose levels are not an easy task. A person with diabetes must monitor everything they consume to get a better and more accurate insulin injection needed on a daily basis to prevent serious health complications later in life.
These are some of the important features the Carb Counter+ will have:
- Food Scale - Extensive Carb Database (USDA + AUS/NZ) - Food “search” option - Customizable Favorites, background etc - Log Book - Does the Math for you - No More Guessing the Carbs - Calcs carbs needed when low - Audio alerts and alarms - Recipe Builder to calculate carbs in your favorite home cooking - Color Touch Screen - Expansion port for future features. - Designed with kids in mind

Visit Mikes PIC32 Design Challenge Entry, the Carb Counter+
For more info on the Carb Counter+ and more videos, visit www.carbcounterplus.com