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Posted in: Nuts and Volts (June 2012)

Control Your New Power Supply Through Your IPAD

Innovative software called AKTAKOM POWER MANAGER allows user to set and pre-set inputs, graph, as well as, time control the power supplies output. AKTAKOM POWER MANAGER works on any PC, IPHONE, IPAD or Android mobile device.

Power Supplies AKTAKOM APS-7303L/7305L will be introduced for the first time at the CES show in NY (June 27-28 2012) and during NIWeek in Austin TX (August 6-9 2012).

Power Supplies AKTAKOM APS -7303L and APS-7305L has been nominated for the best product of the year by the Dealerscope and TechnologyTell magazines.

Introductory prices start from: $199.00




Single channel economical programmable regulated, remote controlled power supply. Rated Output Voltage: 0~30V. Rated Output: Current: 0~3A. Resolution Voltage: 10 mV. Resolution Current: 1mA (≤3A) / 2mA (>3A). Power Effect: Voltage: 0.01%+3mV. Power Effect: Current: 0.01%+3mA. Load Effect Voltage: 0.01%+3mV (≤3A) / 0.02%+5mV (>3A). Load Effect Current: 0.2%+3mA (≤3A) / 0.2%+5mA (>3A). Set Accuracy Voltage: 0.1%+20mV. Set Accuracy Current: ≤0.5%+5mA (≤3A) / ≤0.5%+10 mA (>3A). Ripple (20Hz~20MHz) Voltage: ≤1mVrms (≤3A) / ≤2mVrms (>3A). Ripple (20Hz~20MHz). Current: ≤3mArms (≤3A) / ≤6mArms (>3A).

The great protection capability of this power supply can protect a user’s device from getting burnt/damaged.

  •     The most economical programmable regulated power supply
  •     High stability. Low Drift (<300ppm)
  •     Offers lots of complex testing capabilities through computer controlling
  •     Storage function
  •     Switching on or off the output
  •     Low Ripple and Noise
  •     Over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection
  •     Powerful Strong Fan
  •     Nominal Voltage 110V


[Source] TMAtlantic.com