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KickStarter: B9Creator - A High Resolution 3D Printer


"DIY 3D Printers based upon the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) concept simply can not match the higher resolution capability of the B9Creator.  We utilize a powerful Deformable Mirror Device (DMD) projector to shine a 1024 x 768 pixel image onto a layer of photo-initiated polymer resin.  The result is a quick solid cure of the entire layer in one operation.  The layer thickness is typically 100 microns but your model can be sliced even thinner if you need even higher resolution.  Note that 100 microns is .1 mm or about 0.004"

How about speed?  Anywhere from 12-20 mm per hour and that's independent of the object's x-y density (unlike FDM which slows down as the x-y fill density increases).

"But how much does that resin cost?" The Eiffel Tower model pictured here weighs about 12 grams.  Our resin costs about 10 cents per gram, making the material costs to print the Eiffel Tower just $1.20!

As you will see below, the project development is already well along and is about set for production. All we need now is your support and a large initial order to keep the costs reasonable.

So... What will you create?"




[Source] KickStarter: B9Creator