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Posted in: Nuts and Volts (June 2014)

Kickstarter: Bakerboard

There are many examples of electronics trainers on the market. All share two things in common: they are expensive, and do not offer a built-in oscilloscope and other test equipment. Oscilloscopes are invaluable tools for performing electronics work, and most are just too expensive for the hobbyist/student to purchase. The Spectral Display is a useful and unique feature as well. Our analog trainer offers all of the above features, including a function generator with a white noise source and power supply,and will retail for around $250 (less if the volumes are high enough).


Key Features:

  • 32 KHz Function Generator with seven waveforms
  • Offset, amplitude, and frequency control.
  • Audio range dual channel auto-triggered oscilloscope, 25 KHz, seven ranges.
  • Spectral Display with spectrogram and waterfall mode for imaging audio signals at seven sampling rates.
  • Full color backlit 320 x 240 pixel TFT display.
  • Switches, potentiometers, and LEDs for projects.
  • Three power supplies at -12V, +5V, +12V.
  • Large surface breadboard for building complex circuits.
  • Textbook/manual with solved problems and labs