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Posted in: Nuts and Volts (September 2014)

Kickstarter: Dr.Duino

Test Points, Test Points, Test Points!

Never struggle with where to grab a ground or monitor any signal from your Arduino to the shield above it again.

  • 4 large Gnd test points!!
  • 4 extra-large 5V &3 V test points.

Each test point is color coded for easy recognition.

  1. Green = Ground
  2. Red = 5 Volts
  3. Orange = 3.3Volts
  4. Black for Vref, Vin, and extra I/O!

RS-232 Baby!

Yep, built in RS-232 support out of box!

Communications Loop back testing supported by a simple jumper.

Built in Siren

Is your Arduino too far out of reach but need to know if an output is high or low? Well, assign your output pin to this little guy and BAM just listen for the siren! Better yet, this is connected directly to one of the PWM pins allowing you to control the volume.

Switch It UP

4 push button switches tied to input pins.

2 active high and 2 active low.

Light It UP

4 LED’s to help you debug your code.

Connected to the Arduino’s PWM pins allowing you to control brightness too!

POTs, POTs and more POTS

Six 10K large thumb wheel rotary Potentiometers pumped directly into the analog input pins.

Reset Switch

Reset your stack via the readily accessible reset switch.

How about some headers Please?

Every pin of the Arduino board has been brought out to a header. Allowing easy access for debugging purposes.

The window to your Boards Soul-

The middle of the Dr.Duino™has a hole! That’s right, simply plug your testy shield into any level of your stack. This allows you to still have access to all of your previous shields pins, IC’s, wires etc.

Pseudo Hardware

Were you struck in the middle of the night by your next invention but don’t have hardware on hand? Well, use the Dr.Duino™ kit and start writing your application code within mere milliseconds via commonly used hardware. Switches, POTS, LED’s, Sirens. Just plug in your Dr.Duino™ into your Arduino and start writing code!


Visit Dr. Duino Website to learn more! Or check out the Kickstarter to back the project!