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Kickstarter: GoPiGo: The Delightful Raspberry Pi Robot

The GoPiGo platform consists of:

  • An acrylic robot body.
  • Hardware for mounting a Raspberry Pi and Pi camera.
  • Motors.
  • Wheels.
  • Encoders.
  • A control board for motors, controls, and extra hardware.

The kit can be assembled with a screwdriver.  Each GoPiGo will ship with an 8XAA battery pack and connector as a power source.  The GoPiGo can be programmed directly from your desktop, over a wireless network, or through a USB stick.


Operating System: 
To get started, you can use our fully-installed SD card, or quickly modify your own.  Our modified Raspbian image will be available for anyone to download from Sourceforge, and our examples and packages will be available for download from Github.  You can also use your own image, by running a simple install script we will have available on Github. 

You can program the GoPiGo easily in Python with our API for controlling the robot.  We will provide a variety of example programs for using your GoPiGo.

To program the GoPiGo, you can configure the Raspberry Pi as a standard desktop with an HDMI monitor and keyboard.  You can also program it remotely from a desktop or laptop over WiFi.  Finally, our image has custom software that allows you to run programs directly off a USB drive.


Go check out the Reward Tier if you're interested in backing this project! Also be sure to check out Dexter Industries previous success Kickstarters below. 


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