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Posted in: Nuts and Volts (June 2014)

Kickstarter: McThings

Other device in the McThings product line are:

  •     A McRouter is a WiFi bridge between the Internet and the McModules so McModules can communicate with the cloud. They provide integration with IFTTT, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and other cloud services. WiFi setup for the McRouter can be done on an IPhone, Android phone, PC or MAC and is fast and simple because the McRouter uses TI's SimpleLink and SmartConfig technology. See http://www.ti.com/tool/smartconfig
  •     The McPlug is a power plug that can wirelessly control two power outlets with solid state switches. The maximum voltage of 250V AC and a maximum current of 16 Amp.

The McThings vision

Our vision is that eventually every house, shop, garage, etc. will have a large number of low-cost, low-power easy to setup sensors and controllers that will improve efficiency, quality of life and minimize power consumption. A router will connect the sensors and controllers to the cloud for full integration with services like Facebook, Twitter, SMS Email, Google+, WeMo devices etc. The McThings infrastructure fulfills this vision with low-power and low-cost modules, full internet connectivity and no programming required.


Some things you can do with it.

  •     Measure and log the temperature of any location in your house, your fridge, your car while it is at home, outside not too far from the house, in the attic, etc.
  •     Log temperature over years, compare the temperature with different wind conditions, find cold spots, calibrate your heating system and save energy.
  •     Check the temperature of the hot-tub without going outside
  •     Send a tweet, text or email when your freezer/fridge gets too warm, the hot-tub to cold, etc.
  •     Put one in the ice bath of a keg to make sure your beer is always cold
  •     Use it as a dog activity tracker
  •     Remote control anything that has a plug
  •     Connect it to you garden furniture and switch lights on when somebody tries to move it.
  •     Use it as a remote for all your lights
  •     Switch your lights on and off so it looks that somebody is at home.
  •     Measure the vibration when somebody walks up the stairs and switch lights on.
  •     Log when doors are opened and closed, change the behavior of your kids and save energy.
  •     Buy some low-cost motions sensors and door-sensors and build your own low-cost security system that sends you a text when somebody gets in the house so you can call the police and save hundreds on monitoring
  •     Log the sun-rise and sunset time.
  •     Measure when you plants, inside or out-side need water.
  •     Get a text when someone knocks on the door.
  •     Detect when doors, windows or drawers are open/closed
  •     Measure and log the moisture in your plants/flower beds/grass
  •     Log information from a full weather station like wind speed/direction, rain, and humidity
  •     Get a tweet or text when someone that shouldn't open your cookie jar does it anyway
  •     Turn on lights and a siren when a drawer with valuables is opened
  •     Control your lights by just tapping the McPlug or any other location
  •     Measure your car battery voltage and send a message if it gets low.
  •     Anything you can come up with.


Visit the McThings Kickstarter if you're interested in backing this project.