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Kickstarter: Open Analog

The first Open Source analog IC kit from Open Analog has been created, assembled, and verified. We call it the SevenFortyFun and it is a transistor level op amp kit. You can finally get the chance to understand whats going on inside those ICs! Now we need your help to proto the next revision (I gotta eat somehow!). This Kickstarter campaign is to raise money in order to print the first batch of PCBs and order parts for production volume. Changes to the board include:

            - Component outline changes

            - Trace rerouting

            - Holes for standoffs

            - Make it pin compatible (number wise) with a 741 OpAmp

While this may not seem like significant changes the time and cost of this endeavor is too steep for me to conquer alone! With your help we will be able to bring SevenFortyFun Rev 2.0 to life!

In addition, your funding will also back the next kits in our product line! Kits on the drawing board include:

              - 555 Timer

              - Low Dropout Regulator

              - Switching Regulator

              - Suggest one! email o[email protected]