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Known to 400,000 YouTube viewers as "The Godfather of Controllerism", Moldover has become the inspiration for a new generation of DJs and musicians. Famous for building, hacking and playing controllers with virtuosic skill, his dynamic performances with these custom instruments transfuses new life into electronic music. With appearances on national television, coverage in major music publications, and countless live shows around the world, Moldover is in constant demand by people interested in the next evolution of music.
Moldover's legacy began six years ago when he moved to Brooklyn NY. Seeking a community to support his developing style, he co‐created the monthly Warper Party. Warper quickly became the hub of electronic music in NYC and has spawned sister events in several cities worldwide (Luxembourg, Dublin, London).
After finding a second home at the infamous Burning Man festival, Moldover built an interactive controllerism installation called The Octamasher. Intuitive to play yet rich in musical possibilities, anyone from your kid sister to your 80‐year‐old grandma can tweak beats, blend tracks and flip samples together on The Octamasher. The installation tours nationwide to festivals (Coachella, SXSW, Treasure Island Music Fest), sponsored events (FaceBook, RedBull, MTV) and educational institutions (Berklee College of Music, VA PolyTech, School of Visual Arts).
Moldover is perhaps best known for developing the concept of controllerism. In his words, "controllerism is just like turntablism, but instead of using turntables and mixer to make music, I use software and a controller". Moldover's controllerism videos have gone viral, inspiring and educating hundreds of thousands of music makers who are seeking "the next big thing".

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