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Oscillographics 2011

Back in 2007 I played around with an old circuit from Elektor Magazine called ‘Oscillographics’

This is a project from the Elektor magazine published in 1978 - its an electronic spirograph circuit that you plug into an oscilloscope to produce ever changing and immersive Lissajous figures. The outputs are dampened sinewaves - so you can actually hear these at the same time as driving the oscilloscope.

At that time I’d come across a couple of other circuits along similar lines, but it has taken a few years for me to actually get around to trying another one out. This time it is ‘The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist’ from the November 1975 issue of Practical Electronics, a project by Mitchell Waite - you can find the project and some more description online here: http://www.crowncity.net/ratcave/Electro/ScopeArt/ScopeArt.html

And, at the same time, you can hear the harmonic waveforms generated by the circuity.

By the way - this was a pretty exploratory play with the new circuit - just trying things out and seeing what is produced. Long and rambling? Yes!

[Sources]  BugBrand - Youtube Channel & http://www.crowncity.net/ratcave/Electro/ScopeArt/ScopeArt.html

[Article] ‘The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist’ by Mitchell Waite from the November 1975 issue of Practical Electronics.