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Recycled Electronics Contest

As an active member of the electronics hobbyist community, you are a unique type who has the ability to not only bring to life the ideas you conceive, but to also give new life to technology salvaged from obsolete devices and appliances. You probably have loads of old junk laying around that your significant other has been nagging you for eons to get rid of, that you scavenge parts from to build new projects. Nuts & Volts is all about building, learning, and hacking electronics. In upcoming issues, we will be spotlighting readers who have salvaged parts, major components, and assemblies from dead or obsolete equipment and reused them to make a new project.
Enter your creation in our Recycled Electronics contest. All you have to do is send a short (500-1,000 words max) write-up of your project and be sure to include the following:
What it is? What is its purpose? How did the idea for it come about? How does it work? Parts list Photos of project (inside and out) Any technical data, schematics, drawings, etc. Description of recycled items used and where they came from Any interesting info or anecdotes relating to the project
Entries that we feel are interesting enough for publication will appear in Nuts & Volts and/or will be posted on the NV website. Contest winners will be determined by audience voting. To qualify, projects must rely on major parts, components, or assemblies that have been reused from equipment that is outdated, obsolete, non-working, dead, scrapped, unloved, unwanted, fell out of the sky, off a truck, found at the side of the road, the dump, the attic, basement, garage … well, you get the idea!
The contest starts immediately and will continue as long as enough interesting projects are submitted. Entries will be divided into small groups and voted on by the Nuts & Volts readership and website audience. All voting will take place at the Nuts & Volts website.
Write-Up Your write-up should be submitted in a word processor format such as MS Word or something compatible. It should be 500-1,000 words max.
Photos/Graphics All photos should be individual digital files of at least 300 dpi saved in jpg, tif, or eps format. We can probably use other formats too, but we know these will work. Schematics and technical drawings should be output as eps, pdf, or hi-res scans. If graphics are embedded in your write-up document, they must also be included as separate files.
Zip all files together and email to [email protected] with “Recycled Electronics” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your name, mailing address, email, and phone number (we promise not to give out your email or phone number, but we may need to contact you).