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Posted in: Nuts and Volts (February 2014)

The Arduberry


So What Exactly Is It?

The Arduberry is a shield for the Raspberry Pi that connects Arduino Shields.  You can think of it almost as an Arduino, built for the Raspberry Pi.  The Arduberry connects to the Raspberry Pi with the standard 26 pin header.  The shield has an Arduino UNO-compatible microcontroller on it, as well as standard pins for an Arduino shield.

The Arduberry requires virtually no hardware setup: slip it onto the Raspberry Pi and go.  It ships ready to work.  The Arduberry comes fully assembled, and you won't need to make any changes to the hardware (no pinning, no batteries, no nothing!).

The Arduberry microcontroller can be programmed to run on it's own and access Arduino shields.  Shields that use digital communications can be accessed directly by the Raspberry Pi, while shields that use digital or analog pins can be controlled by the Arduino.  The Arduino chip on the Arduberry can communicate directly with the Raspberry Pi with no extra setup required.


If you're interested in getting the Arduberry - check out their Kickstarter!