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The Dungeon Keeper

CAR P300-120 Audio Board Kit
Audio Record/Playback board. This full-featured unit takes advantage of the higher sound quality and enhanced features of the new ISD® Chipcorder® 1700 series solid state sound recorder chips. The Talking Skull can already use an audio input from a CD or MP3 player that is typically used for a continuous playback of dialog. However, the CAR/P300 allows you to play back specific audio tracks on demand from such devices as a motion sensor, foot pressure pads, dry switch contacts, and even voltage level changes!
The CAR/P300 allows you to record/playback a message stored on a non-volatile Chipcorder chip. It also includes a built-in 5V voltage regulator so it can easily be powered by any supply from 9V to 24V DC. The line-level output jack allows you to feed a set of computer speakers to amplify the sound or, take advantage of the on-board audio amp to directly drive a small speaker.

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