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The New Firebird32

Firebird32 features: Low cost, MSRP: $26.90, introductory price: $21.90 32-bit MCF51JM128 Flexis MCU Flash Memory: 128 K x 8 RAM: 16 K x 8 EEPROM: 4 K x 8 Clock Speed: 50 MHz Supported by Jim Donelson's Framework Supported by Richard Testardi's "StickOS BASIC" with an interactive debugger Supported by CodeWarrior IDE with a step-by-step debugger and USBDM, OSBDM and Multilink Supported by Code Sorcery tool chain (compiler, assembler and linker) A gateway to more advanced Coldfire V2-V4 microcontroller families Total 46 I/O pins including analog inputs and PWM outputs Eight analog Inputs Analog comparator Two SPIs Two UARTs CAN 2.0 Native USB port using CDC communication class eliminates the FT232RL chip Native USB port for making projects as true USB devices I2C interface Eight advanced timers and PWMs PWM available on D11 Two keyboard interrupts Standard Arduino shield form factor Supports most Arduino shields, it not all. Power ON LED and digital 13 LED are located on the front edge of PCB Reset switch and data switch are located on the edge of PCB Exclusive Breadboard Over Chip (BOC) design for saving a shield ( breadboard is not included in the price ) Accepts a plug-in 8x2 LCD for saving a shield ( LCD is not included in the price ) Accepts a 4x4 keypad for saving a shield ( keypad is not included in the price ) Accepts a 3-axis accelerometer for saving a shield ( accelerometer is not included in the price ) RGB LED Speaker for alarm, voice and music applications SPI header UART header I2C header Auto sensing/switching power input Low power auto sensing/switching circuit to eliminate an OP amp. for battery powered applications BDM (ICD/ICE) header for direct program download and debugging Input DC voltage: 7-20 V Operating voltage: 5V Resettable fuse to protect PC's USB port Damping resistors for reliable USB communication Ferrite bead to reduce EMI Two-layer PCB PC board size: Credit Card Size, 3.375" X 2.160", between sizes of Uno32 and Max32
Introductory prices end August 20, 2011

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