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The Obairlann Labs Air Data Instrument

"I decided one day I wanted an Arduino project (being new to Arduino development), and quickly settled on the idea of making an air data instrument: airspeed, altitude, temperature, and vertical speed. This is the first in-progress video showing that project, in which I show the v1 prototype, still on the breadboard.

The Arduino board I'm using is an Uno, available from a variety of vendors. The barometric pressure sensor is the BMP085 breakout board from sparkfun.com. The differential pressure sensor is the MPXV5004DP breakout board from diydrones.com. The LCD module is available from a variety of vendors (and will be changed out -- I'm still waiting for a red-on-black LCD to arrive).

This mess will eventually be installed on my motorcycle, where it will serve no more useful purpose than to amuse me."

[Source] Youtube