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Wireless Inventors Shield for Arduino

The Wireless Inventors Shield makes any Arduino project wireless instantly even in high-traffic areas. Using a reliable wireless RF module, the Shield allows users to easily send and receive error-free data between two or more Arduino boards.

Arduino is an open source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It is intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

The Wireless Inventors Shield has been tested at ranges in excess of 500 feet (150 meters); it is plug and play and error free, featuring built-in forward error correction and data recovery so users receive only cleaned and cyclic redundancy checked (CRC) verified data; and it is simple to use in that inputted data is wirelessly transmitted then cleanly received on the opposite end.

Unlike other Shields, the Open Source RF device is not dependant on Zigbee, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth protocols and stacks, and is a true wireless pipe that allows users to have complete control over the data.

The data inside the wireless pipe is protected from the elements outside it, such as interferences like 2.4 GHz cordless phones, cellular phones and all types of servo and motor noise.

The Shield’s noise immunity enables it to work in heavily populated areas without impact to range. Users can seamlessly integrate it with one-, two- and three-button key fobs, with generic breadboarding RF modules and a USB dongle, meaning it can wirelessly communicate with any computer or the web.

The Wireless Inventors Shield works with both Arduino and Arduino clones.

Features of the Wireless Inventors Shield include:
• It is plug and play
• It requires no settings or configurations
• There are no complex instructions to read or data sheets to interpret
• There are no MAC issues to address
• There is no need to find the correct channel
• There are no complex functions to call
• There are no escape command sequences to learn
• It is 2.4 GHz worldwide compliant
• It features LEDs for TX and RX
• It features a built-in antenna.
• It is compliant and approved: FCC, IC, CE, ETSI, RoHS

Open Source RF’s founder, Armen Kazanchian, has spent more than 30 years designing, developing and manufacturing hundreds of technology products. “Having served the professional industry for three decades, I understand that now, more than ever, is the time to develop and bring wireless products to life for the Maker, DIY and Open Source communities, which will enhance their projects,” Kazanchian said. “Based on the responses we are receiving and the feedback given, it’s obvious that there is a need to bring this Shield and similar products to the market.”

Open Source RF launched the project on KickStarter.com, a site dedicated to those who follow creativity. The project received a substantial response from site users and because of high demand, Open Source RF surpassed its three-week expected quantity goal within one day of its launch.

“We have thus far reached 500 percent of our expected goal from the Maker and DIY community, which is an obvious statement to the necessity of this wireless Shield,” said Kazanchian. “I believe professional engineers, who are also Makers using the Arduino, will like it even more because the wireless pipe attribute allows them freedom from having to conform to protocols, which are not required for most applications.”

The KickStarter project finalizes on June 28, 2012. Production begins in July; Shields will be ship in August.

To view a video featuring the Wireless Inventors Shield’s capabilities or for more information about Open Source RF, visit www.OpenSourceRF.com.

About Open Source RF
Founded in 2012, Open Source RF is dedicated to serving the Arduino community by making high-quality, creative product for the “Maker,” “DIY” and “Open Source” markets. The venture was founded by Armen Kazanchian.


[Source] Open Source RF