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Build The Numitron Clock

This particular project was designed to showcase Numitron tubes which are still available for a reasonable cost on eBay from old Russian cold war stock. As stocks (rapidly) dwindle, their cost increases steadily until they will be gone forever. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build a useful project showcasing this beautiful cold war era component.

Building this project is probably at an advanced skill level, mostly due to the number of surface-mount parts. Even if you don’t intend to build this clock, you may enjoy reading the construction manual since it contains many tips and examples that may be of use to you in this or other projects.

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Numitrons are a fun and interesting item, and having them used in a clock while surrounded by high tech LEDs makes for a great conversation piece! So, read the full length article, collect all the parts, then build your own. If you'd rather have the convenience of a complete kit, they're available in the Nuts & Volts webstore. Supplies on some components are limited, so hurry and get yours!

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