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Nuts & Volts Magazine (December 2013)

Build a Wireless Silent Alarm Warning System

By Roger Secura    View In Digital Edition  

This is an inexpensive transmitter /receiver system you can build in one night that will let you know if something is amiss.


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I found five suppliers that carry the TWS434A and RWS434 parts (see list below). 

Voice USA: 770-590-1822
For Sales:  [email protected]
TWS434A Transmitter = $7.00
RWS434 Receiver = $7.00
The web site is a little confusing - so follow the instructions below:
1. Click on the ‘Products’ link at the top of the page.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link ‘RF ASK Data Module at 315 - 434Mhz’.
3. Locate the product box at the bottom of the web page. Don’t get scared when you see the cost of shipping listed below the product box. The Place Order page has a drop down menu for selecting a lower shipping cost.
4. Click on ‘Place Order - Shopping Cart’.
5. Click on the link ‘RF Products’ at the top of the page.
6. Select your product and then click ‘Check Out’

OPTION #2 (NOTE: Minimum $40.00 order required) [url=http://laipac.com/]http://laipac.com/[/url] Voice USA: 1-800-897-0525 Voice Canada: 905-762-1228 TLP 434A Transmitter = $4.80 RLP 434 Receiver = $4.80 Just click on the ‘GPS & RF Components’ tab on their home page and select Transmitter/ Receiver modules.

Voice: 1-408-451-9779
TWS-BS-3 Transmitter = $?
RWS-434N Receiver = $?
Just select RF Modules from the menu on the home page.

OPTION #4 (NOTE: Minimum $50.00 order required) [url=http://www.abra-electronics.com/]http://www.abra-electronics.com/[/url] ABRA Electronics Inc.
1320 State Route 9, #21
Champlain, NY
Tel: 1-800-717-ABRA(2272)
Fax: 1-800-898-ABRA(2272)
Just type in WRL-10534 into the search box for the 434 MHz transmitter
($3.95 each)
Just type in WRL-10532 into the search box for the 434 MHz receiver .
($4.95 each)

ABRA Electronics Corp.
5465 Cote De Liesse
Montreal, QC
Tel: 1-800-361-5237
Fax: 514-731-0154

Front Desk - 303-284-0979 - (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, Mountain
WRL-10532 434 MHz receiver ($4.95 each)
WRL-10534 434 MHz transmitter ($3.95 each) 1. Just click the Wireless link on the side menu 2. Scroll down and select the above transmitter and receiver

The antennas for the alarm system can be purchase from the following
$3.50 each.
Just type 430-470MHz UHF Two-way Radio Whip into the search box on the amazon.com home page.

$3.55 each.
Just type UHF Antenna NAE6483AR for MOTOROLA GP340 into the search box on the ebay.com home page.