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Modern Build System

goBILDA is a modern build system designed for engineers, artists, students, and makers. It’s metric, lightweight, and has an ever-growing library of parts.

Rapidly prototype like a pro or enter a educational competition with the ability to make quick in-the-field modifications using only a hex key.

From small tabletop robots to projects you can ride, goBILDA’s interstitial pattern scales like a champ. You don’t need a machine shop to make high precision projects. goBILDA is ball bearing based and is manufactured with industry leading tolerances. New products include the following.


goTUBE is designed with a 32 mm OD in order to run in bearings and pillow blocks. The 16 mm pattern is threaded into the ends of the tube, so you can easily mount drive components to the tube for a no-slip transmission of power. The bore of the tube is both 14 mm in diameter and 12 mm square. The 14 mm diameter allows bearings to slide in the ends. The 12 mm square bore caters to creating linear drives with lead screws. Pricing ranges from $2.99-$13.99.

Square Beams

Square beams may be one of the most versatile structural elements on the 8 mm linear pattern. Thru-holes from every side allow screws to pass through the beams and tie into other components. Each end is threaded so that connecting one square beam to another only requires a single screw. Whether they get stacked side by side, end to end, or fastened perpendicular to one another, they’ll remain on grid. Pricing ranges from $1.19-$6.49.

Low-Side U-Channel

Low-side U-channel provides similar structural integrity as the 1120 series U-channel while saving on real estate. The reduced height of the sides allows more compact building while still providing three sides to build off of. It’s an excellent choice when building a chassis with motors running perpendicular to the direction of the channel. Pricing ranges from $1.39-$35.69.

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Series of Spectrum Analyzers

B&K Precision has announced the next evolution of RF test equipment: its new 2680 series of spectrum analyzers. This series includes a pre-amplifier, 2D spectrum monitor, and advanced measurements such as channel power, adjacent channel power, and occupied bandwidth, which are options on most competing models.

These instruments deliver performance and functionality in a compact lightweight design. The series consists of 2.1 and 3.2 GHz models, both featuring a large 10.1” TFT wide-screen color display, 1 Hz minimum RBW, and tracking generator. The included PC software supports front panel emulation, 3D spectrum monitor, configuration, EMI scanning, EMI test reports, and remote control capabilities via USB or LAN interface. These analyzers can be further expanded with two optional licenses.

The reflection measurement license enables VSWR, reflection coefficient, and return loss measurements. The EMI pre-compliance license activates the instrument’s quasi-peak detection for EMI measurement functions.

The 2680 series is well-suited for applications in two-way radio, site surveying, EMI pre-compliance, characterizing the frequency response of RF devices, and more. Key features of the new 2680 series include:

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 2.1 or 3.2 GHz
  • Adjacent channel power, total power
  • Third-order intercept
  • 2D and 3D spectrum monitor
  • High sensitivity -161 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • Low phase noise of -98 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset
  • Low-level uncertainty of ±0.7 dB
  • 1 Hz minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW)
  • Preamplifier and tracking generator standard on all models
  • 10.1” wide-screen 1024x600 color display

The 2.1 GHz model 2682 and the 3.2 GHz model 2683 have list prices at $2,950 and $4,490, respectively, and come with a three year warranty.

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B&K Precision

Compact Isolation Transformer

The Torus Power PB 5 is a five amp toroidal isolation transformer with a compact footprint and rugged construction. The PowerBlock PB 5 was designed for use in compact systems and to power source components, TVs, and projectors. It’s ideal for situations where you want to isolate digital components from analog equipment or segregate switching power supplies from linear power supplies. The PowerBlock PB 5 is priced at $799.

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Torus Power, Inc.