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The P8 line of micro stepper actuators now available from Actuonix Motion Devices is a new ultra-compact design. This unique new line of micro actuators enables a new generation of motion-enabled product designs with capabilities that have never been combined in a device of this size. Stepper actuators are a superior alternative to designing your own push/pull mechanisms. Featuring a long-life stepper motor, the P8 is an ideal choice for projects where mounting space is tight and long life is a priority.

The P8 is available in 10 mm, 25 mm, 75 mm, and 100 mm stroke length options to fit a wide variety of applications. Two gearing ratios are also available — 49:1 and 165:1 — to match your force and speed requirements. A maximum duty cycle of 100% makes the P8 the right choice for applications where the actuator will run consistently.

Actuonix recommends driving the P8 with the Tic T825 driver board, also available on their website. However, their stepper actuators can be driven by most four-wire stepper drive boards.

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Actuonix Motion Devices


Flowcode Embedded is a graphical programming tool that has been used for 20 years by engineers to create embedded systems based on popular microcontrollers like the PiC, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

The recently released App Developer is a new graphical programming tool that compliments Flowcode Embedded. App Developer allows you to create Human Machine Interfaces for Windows PCs and tablets based on low-cost hardware boards (like the Arduino, RaspPi, and ESP32). When used with App Developer, engineers can construct feature-rich Windows control and data gathering software systems, and freely distribute the Windows software for others to use over USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LAN.

Matrix TSL has developed several free executable applications which can be downloaded and used immediately. These provide users with applications to create a PC based environment used to develop and test electronic products at home or on the factory floor.

You can download Flowcode for free.

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Acroname has launched the USBHub3c: a programmable USB-C hub, power delivery analyzer, and tester. It’s designed specifically for mobile device test labs, USB-PD validation testing, USB-C device production testing, end-of-line battery charging, and for testing dual role data (DRD) and dual role power (DRP) devices.

USBHub3c is fully programmable, so engineers can control USB-PD profiles, real time measurements, and USB connectivity. It’s the only USB-C hub with AnyPort™ which allows all ports to be fully functional, 100W capable, and upstream (UFP) or downstream (DFP) ports.

The USBhub3c ports can be enabled and disabled independently, and each functional signal group can be independently controlled. Each port can also be dynamically configured for upstream or downstream data at speeds up to 10 Gbps, and the USBHub3c will also report established link speed. A robust and user programmable power budgeting system allows the USBHub3c to support PD sourcing. The power budgeting system also allows engineers to fine-tune power sourcing when connected to high-current sink devices.

For USB-PD validation applications, it has the ability to automate cable “flipping” with manual interaction, edit USB-PD power data objects (PDOs), and override voltages and current limits. All programmable features are controlled with simple robust APIs in Python, C, C++, .Net, and LabVIEW®.

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Saelig Company, Inc., now offers the Windfreak SynthHD Mini: a software tunable RF signal source that generates signals from 10 MHz to 15 GHz with a 0.01 Hz resolution and an output power of up to 20 dBm. The generator also supports FM, AM, Pulse, Sweep, and List modulations. It can be programmed for stand-alone operation running without any PC connection to produce any frequency, power, sweep, or modulation setting or combinations thereof. When powered by 5V, it becomes a highly mobile, low power, lightweight solution for a wide range of RF signal generation needs.

This compact 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.5” RF signal generator can be powered from a controller running Windows, Linux, or Android via its USB port, requiring 5V at 400 mA. The output amplitude can be adjusted in 0.01 dB steps up to +20 dBm and across a range of more than 30 dB.

  • Specifications include:
  • 10 MHz to 15 GHz in 0.01 Hz steps.
  • -13 dBm to +20 dBm (typical) in 0.01 dB steps.
  • Select internal 27 MHz reference or use external 10-100 MHz reference.
  • Pulse, AM, and FM internal modulation including FMCW radar chirp.
  • Pulse modulation with 1 μs minimum width and 1 μs resolution.
  • Pulse, AM, and FM external modulation from DC–10 kHz.
  • Powerful Trigger modes allow external triggering of most functions without a PC connected.
  • Linear, Percent, and List mode (frequency and amplitude hopping) sweeps.
  • All settings savable to the device for use without a PC.
  • 32-bit ARM processor on board which is Arduino compatible.
  • LabVIEW GUI executable and source code provided.
  • Windows, Linux, and Android compatibility.

This software-tunable generator is suitable for use in applications such as wireless communications systems, RF, and microwave radios, software defined radio, radar, automated test equipment (ATE), radiated immunity pre-compliance testing, electronic warfare, law enforcement, medical research, etc.

Designed and manufactured in the US by Windfreak Technologies, the SynthHD Mini is a solution for sophisticated RF signal generation needs. Price is $1,229.

For more information, contact:
Saelig Company