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Nuts & Volts Magazine (February 2018)

Replacing The 555 With A PIC — Part 4 — A Digital Analog

By Larry Cicchinelli    View Digital Edition  

This installment will examine the more complex circuits from the “555 Timer IC Circuits” by Forrest Mims which are variations on audio oscillators. Some will use the PIC replacement from Part 1 (December 2016), while others will develop specific programs using a PIC to emulate a particular implementation of a 555.

Just as a quick review, the first article in this series described a general-purpose 555 replacement using a PIC microprocessor: the 12F1572. The second article (May 2017) reviewed the circuits and their PIC equivalents, which used the 555 basically as a mono-stable multivibrator.  Part 3 (December 2017) discussed the less complex audio oscillator circuits.


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