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DIY Biotech: A Spectrophotometer for Measuring Bacterial Growth

Build an Arduino-based spectrophotometer to explore how the optical density of bacteria suspended in a liquid can be used to measure the rate and stage of bacteria growth.


DIY Biotech: Open Source PCR Thermocycler

In this DIY Biotech article, we’ll look at an Open Source Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Thermocycler kit. In addition to learning about DNA amplification, we’ll cover thermal sensing, thermal resistance, the thermoelectric effect, and PID controllers.


DIY Biotech: Harnessing Bacteria for Fermentation

Do-it-yourself biology is a growing biotechnological social movement in which individuals, communities, and small organizations study biology and life science using the same methods as traditional research institutions. In this first installment of a series of DIY Biotech articles, we’ll look at bacterial fermentation in the form of yogurt making. Not only is this a low-cost, low-risk entry into practical DIY biotech, you’ll learn a lot about monitoring pH as well.