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Anthony Guevara

I am an engineer at a regional CLEC in central NJ for a telecom company named Monmouth Telecom. Even when I am not at work, I am tinkering, programming, building, etc. I have an app in the market with a second on its way. I enjoy hacking most next to electronic/electrical engineering. Hacking as in my own stuff and not the illegal type.

My most memorable hack was the PS3. I wanted to open the system up so I could play free games and emulators on the system. The process is very hands on unlike most hacks I have done. Which were mostly software based. I had to dump the NOR memory, patch it with an exploit and flash it back. Then I was able to downgrade the system to an exploitable firmware.

I am always looking to push the boundaries and absolutely love learning new things! Mainly relevant to the tech world. Even outside of tech, I learned to rebuild engines and fix cars. I am most fascinated with wireless communication and automated switching and that is what led me to this project.

Anthony's Articles

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