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Bill van Dijk

Stepping back a little, my education in the mid-60’s in Holland was in electronics engineering, and I distinctly remember one of our profs discussing the (then still fairly recent) rise of the transistor. Although he certainly anticipated a use for it, it was to be understood by us students that it could never replace a vacuum tube!

A lot has happened since then, and although the tube has had to recede its place in today’s mainstream technology, it has retained a special place in history as well as the heart of many electronics enthusiasts. Along with the venerable thermionic valve, there were many ancillary technologies which are also slowly fading in our memories.

Despite my education I was actually never employed in the electronics field; life sometimes has different plans for us than those we initially aimed for. Electronics remained a hobby and passion, and occupies a cherished corner of my basement.

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Bill's Articles

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May 2017
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September 2016
This beautifully designed timepiece showcases cold war era components (Numitrons) along with modern LEDs.