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Dane Weston

Dane Weston is a retired Air Force officer and Lockheed Martin engineer who has been building things electronic since childhood. He spent over forty years designing, deploying, and managing various military and commercial information systems before retiring in Orlando, Florida with his wife Joan. Dane enjoys spending time with Joan, gardening, making things, and mentoring youngsters in science and technology.

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Dane's Articles

Getting the Scoop on LabNation’s SmartScope
May 2017
Test-driving LabNation’s new SmartScope tool.

REVIEW: Bench Werx Offers a Versatile PCB Holder
January 2017
Check out the new PCB Rax system for help soldering your circuit boards.

Vintage Computing — Simple Hardware Interfaces for Your Mentor’s Friend
September 2016
Venture outside the Amigo retro computer and Color BASIC to interface with a couple of simple hardware circuits.

Vintage Computing — Five More Projects for the Mentor’s Friend
May 2016
Five more learning projects for the Amigo retro computer that will keep the fun going for you and your young protégé.

Vintage Computing — Five Easy Projects for Your Mentor’s Friend
January 2016
Utilizing the Amigo retro computer, here are some fun projects to get you started on a technology adventure, exploring computers and programming.

Building a Propeller-Based Mentoring Platform
December 2015
What if you could build your own technology mentoring platform in a single afternoon, then spend hours of fun with your child or grandchild making simple computer games or exploring computer-controlled hardware circuits together?