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Designing Your Own Digital ICs (FPGAs) — Part 2
November 2017
FPGAs are a marvel of modern electronics engineering. Learn how to use them.

Designing Your Own Digital ICs (FPGAs) — Part 1
October 2017
Who would have thought that we would be able to progress from discrete components, to integrated circuits, to eventually being able to create our own ICs inside a reusable universal chip know as an FPGA?

Electrically Conducting Polymers
June 2006
Since the early years of last century, plastics have transformed our lives in numerous ways. Our modern lifestyle would be unthinkable without heavy use of all kinds of different plastics. While plastics have a variety of useful properties, electrical conduction was not counted as one of them. That was until 1986 when a conducting form of polyacetylene — a so-called conjugated polymer — was discovered...

Displays For All Occasions
February 2007
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures are surely worth many thousands of words. It is this great descriptive power of moving imagery that has made televisions so popular...