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Build the Super KISS Timer
April 2015
Ever built a project that needed an accurate timer to switch something on or off at regular intervals? See if this simple one fits the bill.

The Versatile Wireless Doorbell
August 2014
Advances in technology often decrease price points, but not usefulness. See how to turn one circuit into several devices that most homeowners would find invaluable.

The Decade Box Revisited
April 2014
Decade boxes allow users to dial in precise amounts of electrical resistance to be inserted into a circuit they’re designing. Original boxes had faceplates with the values printed on them, but extra math was always involved. Here’s a handy update to that reliable piece of equipment.

My Christmas Can Light Dimmer
December 2013
Since I wasn’t going to be able to replace my incandescent icicle lights with new LED versions, I needed a way to extend their life.