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The Discovery of Radio Waves
January 2019
Take a look back at how the serious study of radio waves was launched.

Receiving Data with Web Based Shortwave Radios
June 2017
Discover the secrets to utilizing free Web based shortwave radio receivers.

An Ultra Modern Shortwave Radio
July 2015
A simple circuit, a USB TV tuner, your computer, and some powerful (free!) software combine to make an amazing software defined communications receiver for around $25.

Receiving Data with a Low Cost Shortwave Radio
May 2015
A computer, some powerful software, and a shortwave receiver combine to make decoding many types of radio transmissions possible.

The Radio Whisperer
January 2012
A unique circuit, a few feet of wire, and some powerful software combine to make an amazing communications tool capable of spanning the world.

A Low Cost RF Impedance Analyzer
February 2008
A voltmeter, signal generator, and a few parts combine to make a powerful impedance measuring tool.