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How To Basics: Intro to Heatsink Selection and Installation
July 2009
Don't get burned on your next build. The proper heatsink can save you from burnt fingers and burned up devices!

A Universal Direct Conversion Receiver For PSK-31
May 2009
Exclusive Online Article: Decode and read text message communications being sent over shortwave amateur radio frequencies.

A Simple Superhet
March 2008
This circuit is just about the simplest, fully functional superheterodyne receiver one can construct with just a handful of parts.

Inverting and Non-inverting Amplifier Design Using Op-Amps
October 2008
This article discusses simulation results for both inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, using the uA741 op-amp. Additionally, the article highlights how overall amplifier performance is affected by the gain and bandwidth limitations of the op-amp, as illustrated by PSpice simulations. The uA741 operational amplifier is discussed because it is included in most versions of PSpice, so you can easily repeat the simulations on your own...