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Build the 3D LED Matrix Cube
August 2011
Construct this eye-catching 4 x 4 x 4 monochromatic LED matrix that will give you hours of enjoyment and entertainment

Piezoelectric Film Speaker
November 2010
Experiment with this unique piezoelectric material to see what kind of audio sounds you can produce with film and a little voltage.

Thermoelectric Powered Sunflowers
August 2010
This summer, create a nice evening ambience using a thermoelectric generator that gets its power from the sun.

Build a Geiger Counter - Part 1
March 2005
A Geiger counter produces an audible click and blinks an LED each time it detects a radioactive particle. Typically, the counter clicks 10-20 times a minute due to normal background radiation (which is less than 80 millirem/hr) and — although the device is sensitive enough to measure background radiation — it is not suitable for measuring radon gas.

Build a Geiger Counter - Part 2
May 2005
In the March 2005 issue, we completed a fully functional basic Geiger counter. This month, we have a few cool enhancements to add on.