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“Just the (radio) FAX, Ma’am”
November 2003
During the Great Depression, an engineer named William G.H. Finch applied for his first patent for his simple and low-cost system for transmitting and receiving facsimile (now known as FAX) by radio.

The Colossus of Radio
April 2004
Crosley Radio Corporation’s 1936 “WLW Model Super-Power Radio Receiver”

August 2004
Who was Hugo Gernsback? The answer depends on whom you ask. “Gernsback published the first science fiction magazine!” a science fiction reader will declare. Ask an engineer and you might hear, “Gernsback ... wasn’t he involved in early experiments with television broadcasting?” Others will recall Gernsback’s radio magazines. A radio historian will tell you that Hugo Gernsback owned radiostation WRNY, introduced the first home radio set (1905), and championed the cause of radio amateurs.