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Peter's Articles

A Touch of Spice Part 3
February 2009
In this final part, take a look at oscillator circuits that create their own signal during simulation.

High Voltage Power Supply Unit
April 2008
It’s fun to collect and experiment with forgotten technology!

Holiday Lights Revisited
November 2008
Even if you don’t share my enthusiasm for “blinky lights,” you’ll find some interesting nuggets of wisdom from my school of hard knocks to boost your next construction project.

A Touch of Spice Part 1
December 2008
There’s more than one way to create an electronic circuit and make it work. One powerful tool in particular is simulation previously onlyavailable to professionals). With simulation, you can accurately predict the circuit’s performance even before turning on your soldering iron!

A Touch of Spice Part 2
January 2009
This month, make discoveries about IC circuits that are well-known and learn more about the concepts of sub-circuits and macromodels.

Holiday Lights
November 2007
In recent years, more holiday lights have appeared in our neighborhood around Christmas. These are a combination of traditional strings and newer lawn displays, some with animation or inflated by electric fans, but all purchased from large retailers...