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Build a Laser Alignment System for Your Telescope
April 2022
This circuit makes aligning your telescope to True North simple.

Build a Wireless Electronic Scoreboard
March 2022
Here’s a project for kids of all ages who like participating in running games.

Build an Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe Game
February 2022
Design and build a special electronic version of this old classic.

Build a Freezer Alarm Circuit
April 2020
Save your food with an alarm that alerts you if the freezer’s open.

Build a Wireless Doorbell Pager for the Deaf
March 2020
Here’s a simple circuit you can build for those who have lost their hearing.

CNC Routers: Backlash
February 2019
Whether you own or intend to build/buy a CNC router, make it a habit to routinely check for backlash.

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Electronics
April 2016
Learn how the numbers “1” and “0” changed the world of analog and digital electronics.

Build a Digital Decade Box
February 2016
Having the right tool makes any job easier. This decade box allows you to select a required resistance with a couple of switches — so no more checking with an ohmmeter to see the actual resistance value.

How to Use a Transistor as a Switch
May 2015
The NPN transistor switch can easily solve many design problems.

Build a Wireless Silent Alarm Warning System
December 2013
This is an inexpensive transmitter /receiver system you can build in one night that will let you know if something is amiss.