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Ronald Gladney

I am a retired Electrical Engineer with a PE license (Retired Status). I worked in Nuclear Power for my 40+ year career. My area of experience was in Instrumentation & Control and Electrical Engineering. I have actively designed electronics circuits for about 47 years. As a hobby and to earn some side income, I repaired computer monitors, motherboards and televisions for many years. I have enjoyed reading electronics related industry publications and consumer electronics magazines for many years.

During my career I was heavily involved in modernization of electronic control and protection circuits for the Nuclear Industry as well as supporting troubleshooting activities when equipment did not behave very well. 

Many years of my career were spent performing managerial functions, so during that time, I kept my electronics skills sharp by designing and building home projects and the occasional work opportunity that allowed me to troubleshoot electrical and electronic circuits.

Early in my career I taught myself assembly language programming on microprocessors and designed a microprocessor based control interface for video cameras and video recorders as a home project. Since my retirement, I have had the time and opportunity to delve into programming the Parallax Propeller, Arduino Uno, ESP8266, and PIXACE 08M microcontrollers. I have plans in the future to add Raspberry Pi and others.

I look forward to the rapidly developing world of microprocessors and the creation of more projects.

Ronald's Articles

Use Wi-Fi and X-10 in a “Bi-Lingual” approach to Light and Appliance Control, Part 2
September 2017
Part 2 of the ESP8266-based “Bi-Lingual” Home Light and Appliance Timer explores the LCD, keypad, and Timer menu system of this Wi-Fi / X-10 home controller.

Use Wi-Fi and X-10 in a “Bi-Lingual” approach to Light and Appliance CONTROL
August 2017
ESP8266-based “Bi-Lingual” Home Light and Appliance Timer merges Wi-Fi and X-10