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Steve Russell

Steve Russell started out his working life as a hardware design engineer. Somewhere along the way, he discovered computers and began designing subsystems of various types for them, working for a multi-national computer company before moving into software development. Currently developing code in Java and Python, he still misses the baleful green glow of an oscilloscope in a darkened lab, late at night ...

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Steve's Articles

Makin’ MIDI with mistraIXG: Part 2
March 2009
This time, we look under the hood of last month's design to see how the mistaIXG hardware and software work together.

Makin’ MIDI with mistrIXG
February 2009
mistaIXG is a USB connected, PIC-basd synthesizer that will help you turn your computer into a music machine.

January 2003
Having been professionally involved in circuit design many years ago, I recently found myself longing for the unique odor of smoking flux and the burnt fingertips gained while soldering a small component into a circuit. A quick scout around the web showed that many people are now using microcontrollers (MCUs) to implement logic, and that the development tools needed are often free or relatively cheap. Since I also enjoy low-level programming, this was too good to pass up, and I resolved ...

May 2004
This project provides a wired remote control for certain members of the Archos family of hard disk-based Jukebox MP3 players and recorders. Key features of the design are...