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A MIDI Controlled Analog Synthesizer on a Shoestring
April 2016
Build a MIDI controlled analog synthesizer for under $40 and start making electronic music right away.

How to Craft a PIC Barometer
August 2015
Of all the ingredients that make up a weather forecast, knowing what the current atmospheric pressure is doing is the most important.

Add a Real Time Clock to Your PIC Projects
April 2015
RTCs have all kinds of neat uses in microcontroller projects. Get introduced to this wonderful world of timekeeping with the popular and inexpensive TinyRTC.

All About PIC Analog Comparators
February 2015
Even though analog comparators are not especially exotic, they certainly rate as one of the most useful building blocks in a wide variety of circuits.

Hotrod Your Electric Guitar with Active Tone Controls
October 2014
Retrofit your plain Jane guitar with the tonal controls it deserves!

An Easy Two-Wire LCD
February 2014
Here's a simple technigue to run an LCD on only two port lines of a microcontroller.

All About Clocks for PICs
January 2014
Taking the time to understand how clock options really work in a microcontroller will make implementing them that much easier.

Detecting Sounds With the Sonic Sensor
September 2013
Put your appliances under sonic control with this super souped-up version of a “clapper.”

A Mathematics Engine For Microcontrollers
August 2013
Even though microcontrollers are magical, their math skills sometimes leave something to be desired. Let's find out how to connect a microcontroller to the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator for use as a coprocessor to help figure out some of the tougher equations.

Getting Started With Matrix LED Displays
May 2013
For a bold and eye-catching output display in your next electronic masterpiece, consider exploiting a matrix LED device.

The DHT22 Humidity/Temperature Sensor Demystified
March 2013
Keeping tabs on relative humidity and temperature is important in a variety of situations. Uncover the secrets of the DHT22 joint humidity/temperature sensor, to get it working for you.

Build Your Own PIC Trainer from Surplus
February 2013
Assemble a versatile and high quality PIC trainer from stuff in your junkbox that will make going from concept to working project a breeze.

The Sirius Metronome for the Serious Musician
January 2013
Build a metronome that sports a number of impressive features lacking on even more expensive commercial units.

Compiled Basic for the PIC On a Shoestring
November 2012
Free yourself from Assembler and learn how to set up a complete integrated environment for writing, compiling, and burning Basic programs into just about any PIC — for “basically” free.

Build a MIDI to Logic Controller
October 2012
Convert MIDI on and off signals to logic levels without having to deal with assembly language, complex programming circuits, or microcontroller architectures.

Streamline Your Home Studio With a Sound Card Switcher
July 2012
Get to the business of making music instead of messing with cords with this extremely useful and simple device. Makes a great beginner’s project too!

Analog Music Synthesizers
January 2006
There is no doubt that synthesizers have changed the face of music over the past 30 years. Synthesizers’ initial impact was in the area of “academic” music, since their almost brutish size, extreme complexity, and exorbitant cost fairly much confined them to university settings. But as interested experimenters became more familiar with the concepts of electronic music, and the linear integrated circuit revolution kicked into high gear, homebrew analog synthesizers started to pop up..

Spreadsheets - The Forgotten Analog Design Tool
October 2006
Spreadsheets can be used to perform a number of useful, repetitive, and complex operations.