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Tom Fox

Tom Fox has been published in Popular Electronics, Radio-Electronics, Elementary Electronics, Electronics Now, Modern Electronics, Hands-On Electronics, Microcomputer Journal and others. However, his interests and talents aren't limited to these technical subjects. He has also been published in Boys' Life, Hopscotch, Organic Gardening, Flower and Garden, National Gardening, Michigan Out-Of-Doors, Coins, Mother Earth News and BackHome.

In addition to numerous (over 100) articles, he has had three books published: “Unique Electronic Weather Projects” ( Howard W. Sams), “Programming and Customizing the HC11 Microcontroller” (McGraw-Hill) and “Snowball Launchers, Giant Pumpkin Growers and Other COOL CONTRAPTIONS” (Sterling).

Tom Fox’s education includes a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. At present he is the Workshop Editor at both Boys' Quest and Fun For Kidz magazines and he, along with his family, own and operate Magicland Farms, a roadside farm market. To find out current information on Tom Fox visit his two websites: www.magiclandelectronics.com and www.magiclandfarms.com

Mr. Fox lives with his wife and six children on a small lake in Michigan, not far from his farm and roadside farm market.

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Tom's Articles

Make the SmartStat-Plus
March 2010
This MCU-controller digital thermostat will monitor your furnace and AC filter, and let you know if there's a problem.

Make The Smart Room Air Conditioner Controller
October 2008
A Microcontroller Based Multipurpose A/C Remote Thermostat