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A DIY Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
August 2015
The air that we breathe indoors — whether at home or at work — can put us at risk for health problems if there are common pollutants in it. Be sure of what you’re breathing with this prototype system that features many types of sensors.

ISaAC — A New Add-on Adapter for the Raspberry Pi
August 2014
Enhance your RaspPi projects and add functionality with this ultimate interface board.

Introducing Wi-Fi With the PIC 32-bit Micro Experimenter
March 2013
Get ready to use your Experimenter to communicate with remote Wi-Fi sensors.

Using a Graphics Library With the 32-Bit Micro Experimenter
June 2011
Extend current Experimenter applications using graphics and text in displays simultaneously.

USB and the 32-Bit Micro Experimenter
April 2011
Equip your Experimenter with a USB hardware interface to use in a variety of applications.

Introducing The 32-bit Micro Experimenter
February 2011
It’s here! We’re graduating from our 16-bit Experimenter so we can experience a whole new level of applications with the 32-bit version.

Enhanced User Interface for the 16-Bit Micro Experimenter
December 2010
Enhance the Experimenter user interface with a rotary encoder using the PIC24F timer peripheral set and its interrupt capability.

Implementing a File I/O System for the 16-bit Micro Experimenter
October 2010
Add even more capability to your Experimenter by integrating a PC compatible file I/O.

Implementing a Data Logger with the 16-bit Micro Experimenter
June 2010
As we build on our Experimenter board, this time we'll add a stand-alone data logging application.

A 16-Bit Micro Experimenter for Solderless Breadboards
December 2009
Ready to move up to 16-bit stuff? Well, we've got the perfect Experimenter for you, along with some cool applications to get your feet wet.